we share knowledge

We believe knowledge is best shared and not kept to ourselves. Through continuous interaction with experts from all over the world, we create know-how for our clients. And, whenever possible, we share our know-how: we present our insights to a conference audience, we produce tools and we invite speakers over for a talk.

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Can gamification’s reputation be rescued, and what should designers be watching out for?

What we can learn from internet precursors like Paul Otlet's Mundanemum to understand the Web's underlying structures, and look ahead at its future.

How an interface description language can describe future user interfaces independent of interaction types, devices and channels.

Why designers will play a key role in shaping the smart cities of the future by keeping the human in the loop.

How other design fields can inspire CHI to produce the surprise, creativity and innovation that people look for in design.

Why ubiquitous computing can be engaging and playful, rather than trying to create the calm lives we may not want to lead.

How people's beliefs about the devices they use affect the way they interact with them and why designers should care.

How designers can play a key role as facilitators in an agile process to ensure the release of a well-designed product.

Why designers of critical systems should focus more on past failures than future success to design safer systems.

Why designers of control rooms should understand the functions first to design the physical environment from there.

Why risk analysis needs to focus on the constant trade-offs between efficiency and thoroughness so typical of normal human behaviour.

How innovation happens when teams work in an environment where they can experiment and grow ideas safely.

How Peer To Peer initiatives can become the driving principle behind the exchange of intellectual goods.