Blanche Dujardin


Specialises in: user research, service design and UX design 

Blanche joined Namahn after graduating as a Product and Service designer from Rubika Design (Valenciennes, France). By exploring different design applications through professional and personal projects, she naturally converged towards service and experience design to be closer to users while resolving complex situations.

Before Namahn, Blanche embarked on a design learning experience at the telecommunications firm Orange. She developed empathy and modelling skills during her time there, and gained an interest in training. 

Personally concerned with sustainability issues, Blanche weaves this into her design work as much as possible. As part of a group project at university, she won an award for developing a reusable package for food at festivals.

Aside from designing, Blanche loves exploring the city of Brussels on her bike. Having just recently located to the city, she is interested in discovering all of its hidden areas. Blanche enjoys drawing while listening to music and spending time in the company of friends.