Nina Lucchi


Specialises in:  UX design, UI design, user-centered design, visual design

Nina has reached Namahn after a series of diverse experiences worldwide. From Sydney to Bologna, Budapest to Florence, and ultimately to Minneapolis, Nina, a designer, aspires to make her global impact tangible. She perceives design as a crucial tool for amalgamating various skills. Nina cherishes co-creation and teamwork, embodying a life philosophy that advocates the more, the merrier!

Within Namahn, Nina focuses on designing experiences to grasp user needs and tailor solutions to meet their requirements. Her expertise spans crafting digital interfaces, conducting user research, and defining and revamping intricate systems.

A social butterfly, Nina dedicates her leisure time to others, be it atop a mountain observing the sunrise, on the beach relishing pizza with friends, or simply at home enjoying a movie with a comforting cup of tea. For her, the crux lies in being with the people she holds dear.