Design Systems Training

A practical, online training course exploring the duality of design systems as digital products as well as new entities within organisations with needs for governance and strategy.

What is design systems?

Design systems is the latest trend in organising assets and knowledge for digital product design and development, with the goal to increase design consistency across products and make the process more efficient.

What to expect

The course follows the story of design systems from a grassroots initiative all the way towards a new way of developing digital products, adopted across organisations. Throughout the course we constantly shift from theory to practice, focusing on key design system challenges: 

  • Understanding what kind of design system your organisation needs 
  • Achieving stakeholder buy-in 
  • Building a design system team 
  • Creating and structuring design system content 
  • Fostering adoption  
  • Defining and following metrics 
  • Supporting its users 

Target audience 

The course is mostly suited for professionals with a leading role in the early stages of building or envisioning a design system within their organisation. This course will allow you to introduce some structure into the process, obtain a birds eye view on how design systems are born, grow and mature, and get a practical feel of the jobs to be done during the process.