Mobile Design Training

Science fiction’s wildest speculations about the future have been overtaken by what phones and tablets can do today. As mobile devices become more powerful and the technology more accessible, the main challenge becomes designing effective user experiences.

Our training aims to bring answers to questions such as:

  • In what user-context can a mobile solution have maximum impact?
  • How do I best collect and use insights on my mobile users?
  • What are key differences and commonalities between mobile and desktop user interfaces?
  • How to design a mobile application or website that is user-friendly and complies with current best practices?
  • How do I generate interesting mobile software concepts?
  • How can I bring them to life for maximum user acceptance?
  • Is a mobile website, a native app or a responsive website the best solution?
Participants testing their paper prototypes

In our one-day training you will delve into the intricacies of designing software for mobile solutions. We follow the process from mobile strategy considerations through to building and testing prototypes. In Namahn’s design studio we’ll share many examples, tips & tricks which you’ll apply in practical exercises.

You will learn about:

  • Human-centred design principles for mobile
  • Choosing between mobile websites and native apps
  • The opportunities and limitations of responsive design
  • The types of behaviour that mobile users display
  • Mobile layout patterns and designing for touch
  • An understanding of the available tools and methods
Participants testing their paper prototypes
Participants testing their paper prototypes
Participants testing their paper prototypes

Target audience

This training is intended for product managers, project managers, business analysts, R&D staff, designers, consultants and innovation advisors.

To ensure diversity, we accept at most two participants from the same organisation. To ensure a highly interactive session we accept at most eight participants.