Namahn Summer Camp

Learn the principles of systemic design during our 2022 summer camp.

We crafted a three-day course on the techniques and processes of systemic design.

Systemic design combines concepts of systems thinking and design thinking. It looks at relationships instead of separate elements. It’s the study of how different parties in a system interact, leading to an understanding of how variables affect each other to generate a particular outcome. Systemic design brings a set of solutions, or better “interventions”, which can reinforce each other to drive change in a current problematic situation. During this camp, we’ll challenge you to apply systemic design methods through group activities and provide materials for independent exploration.

€ 1.400 (excl. VAT).
We offer a 20% early-bird discount to those signing up before Thursday 30 June. We offer an additional 10% discount to NGOs.
From Monday 29 August to Wednesday 31 August, 9:00-17:00
The course run over three consecutive days, with a social event on the first evening and a guest speaker on the second evening.
All course materials are in English. The course is also taught in English.The training takes place in the Namahn studios in central Brussels. To those travelling from abroad, we can provide hotel recommendations.


Participants are professionals with an interest in systemic design.

  • Design practitioners
  • Service designers moving into systems-level engagements
  • Changemakers and social-change philanthropy
  • Teachers and educators, higher education
  • Systems thinkers interested in design approaches
  • Leaders of SDG programmes and other large-scale systems change

We admit a maximum of 20 participants.

Next sessions

From Monday 29 August to Wednesday 31 August, 9:00-17:00

What to expect

  • We provide a hands-on introduction to systemic design, taught by Namahn designers, one of which is the co-author of the Design Journeys through Complex Systems.
  • You gain an understanding about the types of problems or issues that can be addressed with systemic design.
  • Most of the course will be spent applying systemic design to a case, allowing for practical application of the theory in a real-life situation.
  • We run an online pre-camp social event in the week preceding the event.
  • A guest speaker will join us on the second evening.
  • You receive a copy of Design Journeys through Complex Systems.
  • We offer posters, templates and exercises for use during the camp, and later.
  • You receive the Namahn Systemic Design summer camp completion certificate.
  • You get the opportunity to work with a small group of like-minded people from different industries and sectors.

Design Thinking Camp is for you if

  • You want to become better in addressing complex organisational or societal challenges
  • You work on improving products or services within your organisation and would like to understand how to have more impact through the combination of design thinking and systems thinking.
  • You want to learn methods to co-create with the stakeholders in the system

No previous knowledge of systems thinking or design thinking is necessary for this training. Anyone interested in learning how to apply systemic design to analyse problems and innovate in an impactful way is welcome!


  • Pre-event activities
    • Basic reading materials on systemic design
    • Social event with all camp attendees and Namahn teachers
  • Three-day camp:
    • Three full days from 9:00 to 17:00 – drinks and lunch are provided.
    • A social event at the end of the first day
    • A guest speaker to close the second day
  • Post-event activities
    • Follow-up survey to share your experience and opinions

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Summer Camp participant
“It was a great experience in three days where you learn new ways to solve problems. Very good people, very good place.” Pedro da Silva Vaz RIPE NCC 
Summer Camp participant
“One of the baselines was learning by doing. I experienced myself that learning by doing is the only way that you really can learn. The dynamics in the group were very nice, we had good feedback and good cooperation amongst each other.” Inge Hellemans Integratiepact 


Summer Camp participant
“It was a really great experience. If you’re looking for a way to learn about service design and get a lot of practical and very good insights from professionals, you should definitely do this course.” Els Gillisjans IValue 
Summer Camp participant
“The Namahn summer camp was a very insightful, intensive and rewarding experience. I’ve learned a lot of different ways of thinking that I can apply to the design process back at my current workplace.” Isabelle Bamber Movify 

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