Service Design Training

A practical, online training course covering the basics in service design in which you will learn how to ensure the design and delivery of optimal digital product-service experiences to customers.

Are you involved in managing and designing customer services with a digital core and struggling with questions like:

  • What’s a good service and why?
  • What are the gaps and user pain points in a current service offering?
  • How can I conduct user research to get actionable insights?
  • How can I translate customer insights into service concepts?
  • How can I map and detail new service solutions?
  • How can I illustrate and communicate a service concept intended for the future?

In this virtually interactive training, you will gain answers to these questions and learn the methods and techniques needed to create an optimal service experience for your customers. We will work with an illustrative case, allowing you to gain hands-on experience and knowledge.

By participating in this training course, you will get the basics on how to:

  • Frame your service challenge
  • Gain ‘deep’ customer insights through user research
  • Translate research insights into design personas
  • Practice ideation and co-design techniques, from storytelling to customer journey mapping
  • Illustrate and communicate the high-level concept of your service experience
  • Prototype and test the service before actual development and implementation
  • Set quality indicators to measure your customer experience
  • Translate your design into an actionable deliverable

Target audience

Product managers, service managers, operations managers, business analysts, R&D staff, designers, consultants, and innovation advisors.