A curated list of inclusivity: companies that we applaud

by Joannes Vandermeulen [2 min read]

There are members of the population that have a more difficult time to access places or services due to their circumstances. Others can be shut out of opportunities due to factors beyond their control.

In general, the term digital inclusion is often targeted to people with disabilities. At Namahn, we broaden the term to include users that are experiencing difficulties that could be situational (e.g. stressed by a crucial process), temporary (e.g. difficult access to the internet) or permanent (e.g. not having the right digital skills). Additionally, the size of our social network can have an impact on how aware and connected we are with new services and products.

Here is a list of companies and organisations that we applaud for their specialised work in inclusion and accessibility, be it in communications and representation, or in physical and digital inclusiveness.

1. Passe-muraille  

EU | Belgium

Passe Muraille accompanies audiences in all sectors by raising awareness of disability and inclusion. It is a research and expertise office in accessibility that applies and develops the concept and methodology of Global Access. 


EU | Belgium

Computer students come to your home or work remotely to solve all kinds of computer problems from the complex to the very simple, particularly for senior citizens or anyone in need.

3. PapiMamie Digital

EU | France

PapiMamie Digital offers training for seniors to help them understand and use digital tools. 

4. Emplois Inclusion

EU | France

Jobs Inclusion is a start-up from the French state’s public services incubator that focuses on the inclusion of vulnerable people in the world of employment. It deals with the connection between job seekers and employers. 

5. Diversidays

EU | France

Diversidays is a French national association that supports entrepreneurs for equal opportunities in the digital sector. It offers a programme and tools to promote a better representation of women, people from working class neighbourhoods and rural areas, people with disabilities, and all people discriminated against or under-represented in these professions.

6. Rodighiero Design

EU | Italy

Rodighiero is an architectural and engineering firm that assists in product development for inclusive projects. They work on the conception of the architectural object as a function of perception, understanding, orientation and use of spaces through devices that allow everyone a comfortable and exciting experience.

7. Empowerment through Sport


Through sport, this organisation aims to create contacts between different social groups to promote social inclusion. They want to make young people understand how minorities can be discriminated against, and how to remedy it.

8. Fenty Beauty


Fenty is the first cosmetic brand to offer a range of products for all skin types. It is also a brand where both men and women wear make-up without distinction of gender.

9. Inclusified

EU | Belgium

Inclusified is a strategic agency that focuses on all things inclusive. They create strategies for businesses committed to staying relevant in a diverse and ever-changing world.

10. Allyens

EU | Belgium

Allyens works to make society more inclusive by breaking stereotypes, making communications more accessible, and bringing people together. They focus on similarities and putting people on the road to progress with inclusive communication.