Job openings

At the moment, we don’t have any open positions. As a designer, you can always reach out to us by sending an e-mail to Make sure to include relevant examples of your work, as we do not accept applications without a portfolio.

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We are always eager to welcome new interns. We use the following requirements to select suitable interns:

  • The internships need to be at least 20 days and at least two days a week.
  • You should have broad interests (multiple sectors/clients, type of work individual/team, across our offering)
  • English professional proficiency is required
  • French and/or Dutch are required.

We have internship opportunities each spring and autumn.

If you want to join Namahn as an intern, mail Do include relevant examples of your work, as we do not accept applications without a portfolio.

Belgian labour law makes it very difficult for us to take on interns that are not EU or EFTA citizens. Also, things are much easier if the internship is a constituent part of the curriculum of the academic institution.

“The internship in Namahn was an amazing start of my UX journey. I was impressed by the omnipresent talent in this company but also by the harmonious cooperation of all my colleagues. All projects in which I was involved were highly interesting, challenging and certainly stimulated my creativity. I am grateful for the trust which has been shown in me. It was a lovely experience, which I, despite the pandemic, enjoyed tremendously!” 

Kristýna Kacafírková

“My internship experience at Namahn was eye-opening. People are very inclusive and I felt encouraged to learn, share knowledge, and just try something new. It was definitely an important experience for me as a young designer because I’ve learned not only the important design practice like systemic design thinking, but also what a unique and wonderful company looks like! ”

Marino Funakoshi

“Complex situations & the bigger picture: Namahn taught me the approach to create a roadmap to bring about change in the system. As a freshly graduated product developer, it was a worthwhile experience to get to know the work field in a hands-on way, by experiencing the methodology directly on the MSF case. A super interesting and enjoyable cooperation!”

Dorien Eeckout