Jean-Luc Doumount

Understanding visual communication

Lecture date: 20 Nov 2003

Visual communication is regarded as an extremely effective means of conveying a message. Indeed a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, but, as the specially invited clients learned, their real worth must be carefully evaluated. Pictures express concrete, emotional and geometric concepts better than words. On the other hand they can be ambiguous, restrictive and poor at conveying abstract concepts.

Jean-luc Doumont illustrated to his audience that it is the analysis of verbal and non-verbal coding that leads to the optimum solution. The non-verbal coding of pictures need to be crafted as carefully as verbal coding of text. To be sure of getting the message across, it may be necessary to use one thousand and one words.

About the speaker

Jean-luc Doumont

Jean-luc Doumont is an experienced and respected speaker and consultant on structuring thoughts and constructing communication.

Cover image: CC-BY-NC-4.0 Photographer: Alice Mollon