Milan Guenther

Designing better enterprises: a double systems approach

Event date: 15 September 2020

Enterprises are behind many of the systems that run our planet: governments, healthcare, finance, big tech, you name it. Can we design them to be more useful for people, and more successful in creating a positive impact?

In this webinar, Milan will introduce Enterprise Design, an emerging practice aiming to do just that. This requires going beyond the typical scope of design for better products or services and looking at the enterprise itself as both the environment to reshape and the material to design with.

In particular, participants will learn about the “double systems approach” to enterprise innovation and transformation by design:

  • Enterprise Design as applied Systems Design: the enterprise as a subset of actor relationships and dynamics in an ecosystem, and our intervention space
  • Building Enterprise Design Systems: instead of solutions for problems, providing change-makers with tools to design “their” parts of the enterprise for overall coherence and success

Download presentation (10.4 MB PDF)

About the speaker

Photo: Renate Guenther

Milan’s work is about design applied to the enterprise level. He has worked on this with the likes of Google, SAP, Toyota, ThoughtWorks, the UN, and scaling startups. 10 years back, he designed a patented innovation for Boeing’s flight decks.  

Since then, he helps enterprises of all shapes and sizes to bring strategies to life and make change happen: designing products, operations, and organizations to deliver. His book “Intersection” introduces this enterprise design approach. 

Milan also teaches Enterprise Design within a Master course at the School of Management and Innovation at Sciences Po Paris. 

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