Peter Jones and Kristel Van Ael

Design Journeys through Complex Systems

A digital talk

Event date: Thursday 5 May

Jones (SDA, OCADU) and Van Ael (Namahn) co-authored a practitioner’s handbook for experienced designers and interested scholars to learn leading design and thinking practices of systemic design.  

Based on the authors’ development of the Systemic Design Toolkit, the book develops design practices developed from core knowledge published in systems science. Using a tour guide metaphor, Design Journeys trains people’s mindsets and provides tools for dealing with hyper complexity, to enable understanding of systemic problems, and to build capacity to collaborate in teams to produce action proposals.

About the speakers

Kristel Van Ael is a business partner at Namahn, a humanity-centered design agency based in Brussels. She is the lead author of the Service Design ( and Systemic Design ( toolkits. Kristel is also a co-teacher in product-service-system design and a lead teacher in systemic design at the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Design Sciences).

Dr. Peter Jones teaches systemic design and health service design in the MDes programmes at Toronto’s OCAD University and is a co-founder of the Systemic Design Association ( and the RSD Sumposia series. Peter is the managing partner of the Redesign Network, an innovation research firm, leading systemic and platform design and research in healthcare, informatics, economic, and public sectors. He has published three other books, including Design for Care (2013) and a plethora of related research articles found at