Sander Crombach

The ideas mating season

A digital talk

Event date: Thursday 11 March

As a team’s UX designer, you are responsible for the mating season of ideas amongst team members. This role is important as it enables new ideas to give birth.  

You are responsible for creating a nest where you and your team members, with different expertise, feel comfortable and free to be creative—where these ideas can mate to give birth to new and better ones. 

In this talk, we will look at how this works best and how we can stimulate everyone to be as creative as possible. 

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About the speaker

Sander Crombach is the founder of Fluently, an online document editor with a built-in translator. With Fluently you can create documents in a foreign language while writing in your mother tongue. 

Sander worked as a freelance UX/UI & Product Designer, UX Researcher, and Digital Strategist for many leading brands, such as Vodafone Group (in London), Zalando (in Berlin), Commune Hotels & Resorts (in Bali), T-Mobile, Yamaha, W Hotels & Resorts, University of Amsterdam, and many more.  

He has more than 14 years of experience and specialises in designing prototypes, apps & websites, and design systems. But also in researching user behaviour, validating new ideas, and facilitating user testing. 

Banner photo: eugene-chystiakov