Yvonne Gillis

Designing for health: balance your empathy

A digital talk

Event date: Thursday 22 April

How do you balance your empathy as a healthcare innovator? In order to create meaningful products for physicians, nurses and patients it is key to empathize to understand their needs and challenges.

 Design Researchers are trained to research the product context in-depth. They must be willing to understand feelings like desires and frustrations with the aim of translating these unmet needs into product features. However, diving too deep into the world of our users can cause you to lose sight of the broader context.  

The aim of this talk is to trigger you to think about how one can balance their empathy when developing human-centered solutions for a new and complex context. During this talk, Yvonne focuses on sharing insights on how to use human-centred design techniques when developing solutions for healthcare. She highlights theoretical frameworks and shares her personal experiences and insights derived from her own work as a Design Researcher in the field of healthcare.  

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About the speaker

Yvonne Gillis is a Design Researcher working in the field of healthcare. Her passion lies in improving healthcare by disrupting the golden standard of care with smart technologies. In 2020, she kick-started a new project in the field of stroke diagnostics after participating as a healthcare innovation fellow in Design Health Barcelona.

As a UX research consultant, she has been working with Philips Design and hospitals in Europe and the United States. She is experienced in leading and conducting workflow studies in hospitals, usability testing, and co-designing digital concepts. Her ambition to design for the healthcare industry was strengthened after she worked with emergency nurses as part of her master thesis at the Delft University of Technology. She was astonished by the existence of non-user-friendly technologies being used in emergency departments and became truly motivated to start making an impact by creating supportive technology for healthcare professionals and patients.