Eric Anandaraj Deivanayagam

Executive Assistant

Specialises in:  finance, accounting, office support

Eric holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Management. His academic pursuit and practical experience equip him with a unique blend of knowledge and skills. With 14 years of experience as a criminal investigator in Singapore and later as a security project manager for the US embassy, he honed his problem-solving skills in high-stakes environments.

Eric is a vital part of Namahn, where he supports accounting, finance, and office operations. His commitment ensures the agency’s smooth functioning. Eric is a problem solver with a solution-focused mindset. He’s a go-getter, always driven to find answers and overcome challenges. His dedication to finding solutions is an asset to his professional endeavours and personal growth.

Outside of his professional life, Eric’s passionate about singing, a skill he developed during his school days. He’s an avid reader, drawn to novels and self-improvement books. Eric’s curiosity extends to language learning, with a keen interest in mastering Dutch.