Heidi Raymaekers

Office management

Specialises in:  office management, finances, people care

Having worked in the academic world for 10 years and with a background in Philosophy and Languages, Heidi joined Namahn in 1998.  She fondly remembers her job interview which took place in the Namahn library. With 22+ years under her belt, a lot of things have changed within Namahn, yet its core values have remained remarkably the same, which is no mean feat. 

Proactive and highly organized, her mission is to keep one eye on the euro and another on the well-being of the Namahni.  A true Trekkie, her goal is ‘the greater good of the many’: making sure her work and support contribute to the skills and expertise of her co-workers.  

In her free time, you’ll find Heidi busy baking, gardening, listening to podcasts or watching British comedy series. She’s the proud owner of some 1500 Belgian comics and loves to immerse herself in books on black holes, dark matter and particle physics.