Joannes Vandermeulen

Business development 

Specialises in: foresight, facilitation, safety-critical systems 

For Joannes, developing a fruitful relationship with clients is top of mind. With three decades of experience and hundreds of projects under his belt, he is a trusted advisor to senior executives that wish to consider design as a positive vector for change. He can quickly grasp the requirements of a client engagement and define a project approach that delivers a positive outcome for all of those concerned. By challenging accepted wisdom, he brings a fresh pair of eyes to projects that need direction. He enjoys domains where people and technology have to interact in complex decision-making.  Joannes pioneered human-centred design on the Belgian market. 

Joannes enjoys learning new languages (started with Dutch and then moved on to German, English, French, Spanish, Byzantine Greek, Coptic, Farsi and Italian) and delving deep into science that he does not understand. Furthermore, he puts his skills to work in climate activism.