Leo Raymaekers

Building & facilities

Specialises in: building renovation, safety and security

Leo has a background in Industrial Electronics, designing custom home automation.

While running his own company, he discovered a lack of management software that was available for small businesses and so he began writing it himself. Software was also very expensive back then, so his efforts attracted the interest of colleagues and within two years he was a software engineer with experience in Hypercard, dBase and FileMaker Pro.

Leo then moved to data security at a health insurance company. It was a very interesting job with a broad scope, ranging from ICT software and hardware to building design. He is now head of Building & Facilities at Namahn.

Leo is passionate about Lego Technics and Lego Mindstorms. What he loves most is building XXL cranes, which can be incredibly hard to build with only Lego parts. Even more exciting is programming the sensors, actuators and motors that control the counterweight.