Paradox Cards

When you are dealing with complex societal problems, Namahn’s paradox cards will help you discover paradoxes and generate ideas for solutions.

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Human Drives cards

As we try to solve complex problems, we encounter paradoxes: statements that contradict themselves, that are true and false at the same time. The best solutions to a complex problem address both sides of its paradoxes.

The paradox cards set is an ideation tool for consciously bringing together the paradoxical sides of a problem to achieve solutions for the whole. It is about AND thinking instead of OR thinking. It allows you to generate unusual viewpoints and find solutions that suit all in spite of multiple perspectives.

How to use the paradox cards set?

  • First, you pick the cards that fit your requirements or that could inspire you for the problem you are trying to solve.
  • Then, you ideate on the extremes of each card, either separately or combined.
  • Finally, you combine the solutions for both extremes into your concept for a solution.

How to order the paradox cards set?

You can buy the card deck from us at €30 + cost of DHL shipping + 21% value-added tax. This value-added tax is only applicable to (1) companies in Belgium and (2) individuals in Europe.

To order fill in the form. Within a week, you will receive a final quote and instructions for payment through PayPal or into our Belgian bank account.

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