Optimising workspaces to improve the human experience.

We imagine the layout of physical spaces with attention to core and peripheral areas, signage, information displays, workstations, counters and kiosks. 

We strive for rapid task performance and a smooth user journey while considering their diversity and well-being.

We can help design two types of spaces:

  • Control rooms – 24/7 operations where specialists perform critical decision-making tasks, often in real time
  • Service facilities – areas dedicated to the delivery of customer service in government, retail, care or transport

Spaces we design

  • Customer-service delivery spaces
  • Reception & welcoming spaces
  • Control & crisis rooms
  • Dispatching centres
  • Call centres

Related Cases


We prototype and test new spaces on different scales and from low to high fidelity. Our approach involves all stakeholders in constructive conversation through all steps, from co-creation of the layout to analysing the impact of the way of working. We ensure alignment between all parties to achieve operational excellence in your finished space.

When we design spaces, we focus on how they can best enable the goals of the business (back-office) and the needs of users (front-office). Our team can help your employees make the needed shift, in culture and habits.

  • Human factors & ergonomics
  • Safety-critical systems
  • Situation awareness
  • Workspace design
  • Collaboration flows
  • Signage