Systemic Design


Master the tools of the innovative toolkit co-created by Namahn designers in our training course on Systemic Design. Learn how to use the simple framework of the toolkit to allow for multiple design solutions to be brought forth quicker through dialogue and co-creation between all stakeholders involved.

This course is day 1 of a short series on systemic design. It can be done as a stand-alone course or in combination with the course on System Mapping on day 2.

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Tu. 14 May 2024
9 am – 5 pm

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Namahn Design Studio
Systemic Design Training

Systemic design combines concepts of systems thinking and design thinking. It helps you zoom out and look at the whole problem. It makes you see relationships rather than single parts: studying how different people in a system interact and understanding how different variables relate to each other to cause a specific issue. This is why systemic design brings a set of solutions or, better, “interventions” that can reinforce each other to drive a change in the current problematic situation. After a systemic design process, you will know which projects can benefit from systemic design or what to redesign to create space for change (e.g. products, services, policies, procedures, etc).

For more information, visit the website about the Systemic Design Toolkit or have a look at the book on systemic design that Kristel Van Ael and Peter Jones have published: Design Journeys Through Complex Systems.

What to expect

During this training course, you will receive an introduction to the basics of systemic design and the toolkit framework, and you will gain an understanding of which types of problems or issues can be addressed with systemic design. However, most of the course will be spent applying systemic design. We will use a case, allowing the course participants to apply the theory in real life. We will work in breakout sessions of small groups led by our design teachers as we go through the steps in the toolkit.  We accept a limited number of participants per session to optimise group interactivity.

Key takeaways

By the end of the training session, you will be able to:

  • Understand what systemic design is and what kind of projects it can be applied to
  • Analyse the problem from the perspectives of different stakeholders
  • Recognise the key causes and crucial variables that influence your case or problem
  • Identify the leverage points in a system
  • Develop an intervention strategy
  • Design the implementation of your strategy

Who should attend

No previous knowledge of systems thinking or design thinking is necessary for this course. Anyone interested in learning how to apply systemic design to analyse problems and innovate impactfully is welcome!

  • Designers and design leaders facing complex challenges
  • Anyone responsible for managing change
  • Social entrepreneurs

This training course can be done in combination with the course on System Mapping (which takes place the day after this training). If you sign up for both courses, you get a 20% discount.


One day, in-person training in the Namahn Design Studio. Maximum 9 participants.

Namahn is also regularly teaching Systemic design as an 8-week online course for the Service Design College: see course page Systemic design for tackling complexity (4th edition) for more details.

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