Design operations

Build your design team

You are looking to grow your organisation’s design maturity and capacity.

We can guide you in setting up or scaling your in-house UX design teams, ensuring lasting impact and growth beyond individual projects.

Our capacity-building expertise

  • Assess overall design maturity of your organisation and teams
  • Evaluate and redesign internal processes
  • Introduce and strengthen a culture of design through design-related processes, activities and rituals 
  • Create clarity around team set-up, roles, skills & governance
  • Build a solid foundation to scale a design system

“Design operations is all about building a stronger design team and integrating its workflow into a company‚Äôs larger development context. At Namahn, we assess the current situation in your organisation, guide you in growing your design capacity and help you introduce design rituals.”

Koen Peters – Experience designer

Our design operations approach

To grow the design capacity in your organisation, we propose the following approach.

We start with a first meeting to get to know you, the goals of your project and the challenges you face. Together, we define the scope of your project as well as establish clear objectives.

Through briefings, observations, interviews and further research we conduct a thorough assessment of the current situation in your organisation. In this, we focus on, for instance, the presence and maturity of your design team, its current processes and workflows, the existence of a design system etc.

Based on the conclusions from the assessment, we develop an action plan to grow design capacity and maturity in your organisation. We organise this action plan around a number of thematic working areas, such as creating awareness around UX research and design, building design capacity, making the development process more user-centric, and growing a design system.

There are different ways we can support you in executing this action plan. We can play a more active role, assisting you to hire new team members, providing training, helping to introduce certain design rituals, or setting up a design system. Or we can provide lighter-touch support while you do the bulk of the work yourself, coaching you along the way and giving regular feedback.