Systemic design

Drive systemic transformation

You are faced with challenges that are complex in nature and where a systemic change is required.

We can support you in better understanding the complexity of your systemic challenge, identifying its leverage points and designing impactful intervention strategies to drive systemic change.

Our systemic design interventions

  • A system map depicting the interactions, systems dynamics and leverage points in a system
  • A common vision of the desired future
  • A strategy which outlines various interventions to reach that desired future
  • A visual and textual narrative conveying the intended result
  • A roadmap to drive systemic change, from pilot phase to scaling-up

“Systemic design is about understanding the complexity within a system and the leverages and intervention strategy towards positive change. At Namahn, we facilitate the dialogue with the stakeholders to understand the drivers and barriers and to create the path towards the desired change together.”

Kristel Van Ael – Systemic designer & co-author of Design Journeys through Complex Systems

Our systemic design approach

To drive systemic change, we propose the following approach.

We start with a first meeting to get to know you and to dive into the heart of your challenge. Together, we assess whethersystemic design is the right approach for your project and what it would mean for stakeholders and decision-makers. Likewise, we use this moment to determine which stakeholders would need a seat at the table from day one in this partnership. 

We start by creating a common understanding of the challenge, its scope and the subsystems and actors involved. We then gather insights through interviews and by analysing academic research. From these insights, we draw up a systems map to identify which parts hold the greatest opportunity for change. 

We run multiple co-creation workshops to help you envision your ideal future, in other words where you would like to go, and what you hope to achieve with this partnership. Subsequently we define the strategies, actions and interventionsneeded to achieve this vision. In this phase, we also assess whether you may need organisational support or guidance on how to govern the ecosystem.

Last but not least, we map out the journey ahead. We sketch out the strategic paths to take, discuss how to scale up our impact over time, and plan out the phases of the transformation program.