Experience design

Craft your digital experiences and services

You are in charge of designing an application, website or service that needs to be understandable, functional, sustainable and a pleasure to use.

We offer an end-to-end UX/UI design process that puts the user’s needs and desires at the heart of your digital product, whilst ensuring that stakeholders are involved in key decisions through co-creation sessions.

Our experience design expertise

  • Evaluate your current digital products or services through testing and analysis
  • Contribute our expertise to inform your digital strategy
  • Determine the requirements for your future products or services
  • Generate ideas for future concepts
  • (Re)design the user interface or service delivery in detail
  • Set up a design system

“As experience designers we create intuitive and efficient interactions that engage your users at every touchpoint. At Namahn, we transform complex tasks into smooth experiences, making your services and products both effortless and meaningful.”

Sofia Peracchi – Experience designer

Our experience design approach

To deliver engaging, user-friendly and sustainable digital products and services, we propose the following approach.

We start with a first meeting to get to know you, the goals of your project and the challenges you face. Together, we define the scope of your project, establish clear objectives, as well as determine key stakeholders and how they are connected to the project.

In order to align the stakeholders’ different perspectives, we start by running a framing workshop. We enrich these findings with insights from deep user research as well as desk research. This gives us a clear picture of the needs, preferences, and behaviours of the target audience.

In this phase, we brainstorm, ideate, and prototype potential solutions based on the insights which we have gathered. The key to this phase is to unlock creative and innovative ideas.

We then conduct usability testing to ensure the product meets user needs and expectations, using their feedback to refine and finalise the design. Finally, we document the design decisions, hand over the designs to your team, and offer follow-up support during the development phase.