System Mapping


A new, highly practical training course that deep dives into an essential skill in systemic design: creating system maps.

This course is day 2 of a short series on systemic design. It can be done as a stand-alone course or in combination with the Systemic Design introduction training on day 1.

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We. 15 May 2024
9 am – 5 pm
Namahn Design Studio

Creating a system map is pivotal in systemic design as it provides a visual representation of the intricate relationships, interdependencies, and feedback loops within a complex system. This holistic perspective is crucial for understanding the dynamics at play, identifying potential leverage points for intervention, and revealing unintended consequences. By mapping out the entire system, you can uncover hidden patterns, gain insights into systemic behaviours, and collaboratively navigate towards more effective and sustainable interventions.

What to expect

This course zooms in on stage 3 of the Namahn Systemic Design methodology, “Understanding the system”. You will learn how to create system maps and have plenty of time to practice one of the most difficult but also most crucial activities in systemic design.

After a short introduction to the 7 stages of the Namahn systemic design methodology, you will get familiar with the different types of system maps that exist and learn to create Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD). We will guide you through the different steps of preparing and creating a CLD, from identifying variables (i.e. the building blocks of your system map) out of user interviews and recognising/drawing out reinforcing and balancing feedback loops, to bringing the loops together in one diagram and identifying the leverage points and the core loops in your system map. We will introduce system archetypes, recurring patterns of mostly dysfunctional behaviour of a system, that can often serve as a starting point for your system map. We will also show how you can document your system map using a digital tool.

Get ready for a hands-on session with practical group exercises and discussions, and many examples of system maps out of our own work.

Key takeaways

By the end of the training session, you will have learned the following:

  • The different formats of system maps
  • How to prepare, build and refine Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD)
  • How to use your system map in later steps of the systemic design process
  • How to recognize current systemic problems through system archetypes

Who should attend

This training course is targeted at systemic and service designers, strategists and decision-makers.

This training course can be done either as a stand-alone course or in combination with the Systemic Design training (which takes place the day before). If you sign up for both courses, you get a 20% discount.

To participate, you should have a basic knowledge and understanding of systems thinking and systemic design, either through practice and reading, or by having followed the Namahn systemic design training course.


One day, in-person training in the Namahn Design Studio. Maximum 9 participants.

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