Join us for a hands-on training course on facilitation. Get familiar with all the aspects of preparing and running efficient meetings and workshops.

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Tuesday, October 15th 2024
9 am – 5 pm
Namahn Design Studio

Facilitation skills are indispensable for managers, team leaders, product owners or designers as they play a central role in fostering collaboration, eliciting valuable insights, and aligning diverse stakeholders toward user-centric solutions. A good facilitator can guide multidisciplinary teams through framing exercises, ideation sessions, user workshops, review meetings and design sprints, ensuring active participation and creative problem-solving.

Effective facilitation promotes open communication, accelerates decision-making, and establishes a shared understanding of design goals, leading to more cohesive and successful user experiences.

In the dynamic field of user experience design, the ability to facilitate workshops not only enhances the design process but it will also strengthen your role as a collaborative leader and advocate for user needs within cross-functional teams.

What to expect

This training will help you to improve your facilitation skills and become a better workshop moderator and meeting facilitator.

You will learn about different types of sessions you can run, and we will share best practices and tips & tricks for facilitation. We will go through all the steps you need to take to run a successful workshop or meeting, from choosing a clear purpose, selecting the right activities and setting up the space, to running the session efficiently, harvesting the input from your participants and reporting about the outcome afterwards.

This training session will be very much hands-on, with a focus on practising facilitation skills and plenty of time for questions and discussions.

Key takeaways

By the end of the training session, you will be able to:

  • Choose the appropriate type of meeting or workshop;
  • Properly prepare a workshop or meeting by defining a clear purpose, setting an agenda, selecting the most appropriate activities and creating material;
  • Behave like an open, positive and constructive facilitator;
  • Recognize difficult moments (risky situations, people’s behaviour, resistance to change, …) and know how to act upon this;
  • Extract, analyse and summarise the main ideas coming out of a workshop.

Who should attend

No previous knowledge of design or facilitation is necessary for this course. Whether you’re a designer, team leader, strategist, project or product manager, anyone interested in getting better at moderating meetings and facilitating workshops is welcome to join.


One day, in-person training in the Namahn Design Studio. Maximum 9 participants.

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